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We are quite rich in terms of Flashing! Nevertheless, it’s a bit surprising to know that even some quite popular Flashing Boxes cannot satisfy when it comes to Upgrading/Downgrading Firmware — be that Z3x, Octopus, Universal, Chimera, Smart Clip, Cyclone, Volcano, or Miracle Box. Often, you would have hated the lack of Loaders, Pre-Loaders and Flash Chip Mismatch Errors and it’s exactly one of the reasons why you should utilize an effective Flash Tool. There are other reasons as well, such as Fast Writing/Erasing Speed, Bulk Operation feature to manage multiple Devices without effecting Flashing experience etc. In this post, we’ve listed Most Popular and Stable Free Flash Tools for Various Brands, which we hope will help almost every Pro Mobile Technician out there. We do hope you will be interested in trying out any of these at least for the sake of stable and improved Flashing Experience — who doesn’t like Stability, after all?


Lets Start Creating the list of most operational flashing software’s which is available with fully working features for free on internet.

But first of all let me clear one thing all software listed below on this blog along with their names and logos are Copyright of their respected owners officially developed by those brands we are just collecting these data from internet and compiling them all on one page for sake of users ease.

One more thing to describe it clearly that all the software are collected from internet from and verified by hundreds of users experience all flashing tools are working fine but if due to doing wrong operation or malfunctioning may brick or damage your smartphone or tablet device so plz do a little study before using any free flash tool we are not responsible for any damage or fault cause by thse universal flash tools. Use it at your own risk.

List of all Flash Tools

Sp Flash Tool

sp flash tool

Download Sp Flash Tool v5.1844

Mi Flash Tool

Mi Flash Tool

Download Mi Flash Tool

Mtk Droid Tool

mtk droid tool

Download MTK Droid Tool

Sn Write tool

Sn Write Tool

Download Sn Write Tool

Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

Download Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool

Write IMEI Tool

Write IMEI Tool

Download Write IMEI Tool

MTK Sp Multi Port Download Tool

MTK Sp Multi Port Download Tool

Download MTK Sp Multi Port Download Tool

SPD Upgrade Tool

SPD Upgrade Tool

Download SPD Upgrade Tool



Download odin3_v3.13.1

HTC Smart Tool

HTC Smart Tool

Download HTC Smart Tool

Intel Phone Flash Tool

Intel Phone Flash Tool

Download Intel Phone Flash Tool

eMMC DL tool

eMMC DL tool

Download eMMC DL tool



Download WriteCODE IMEI Tool

Mobile Uncle Tools



Download MTK IMEI Tool

GNQC Download Tool

Broadcom Multi Downloader Tool

RockChip Batch Tool

SUT L3 Tool

Infinix Flash Tool

DFU Flash Tool

Sugar MTK Flash Tool

Smart Phone Upgrade Tool

Qualcomm Flash Image Loader (QFIL)

Qualfast Tool

Lenovo Downloader Tool


RockChip Factory Tool

Qcom Phone Download Tool

Qcom Dloader Tool

Sony Mobile Flasher

Xperi Firm Tool

QPST Flash Tool


WiseLink Tool

MTK Extractor

Qualcomm Smartphone Write IMEI Tool

Qualcomm SW Downloader Tool

Manufacturing Flash Tool

Asus Zenfone Flash Tool


SPD Research Tool

spd research tool

Download SPD Research Tool

Factory Tool Wingtech

wingtech factory tool

Download Factory Tool Wingtech